An Exclusive Interview with BINOD – The ‘Meme of 2020’

Every single person in India is talking about Binod. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, your boss – you name it! 

So after a tiresome run of soul-searching on the internet, we finally got hold off ‘The Binod’. And, guess what? This famous person finally spilled the beans about his stardom. 

So Binod, how did you become everyone’s eye-candy?

Well, I personally feel like the stars were aligned in my case.

I was so bored at home one day that I decided to drop a comment on my favorite YouTuber’s channel, Slayy Point. Honestly speaking, I was too lazy to comment a big one-liner or a paragraph, so I just typed my name, Binod. Little did I know that the creators of the channel, Abhyudaya and Gautami Kawale, would roast my comment, and turn me into a meme.

In a way, I feel proud to have become so famous. You know, I always thought you needed to be a genius to become well-known like Anil Ambani or Tanmay Bhat. But, apparently, the internet begged to differ!

How many notifications do you get in a day?

Let’s not even go there! 

These days, my phone is on silent because whenever I go on the internet, my name just appears. It’s almost as though I hate my name now. But, who cares? I’m famous and you know it! 

Have you asked brands to pay you to use your name?

Well, what can I say? I am just a normal person who happened to become an overnight success. If big brands like Paytm, Tinder, Swiggy Netflix India, Airtel wish to use my name to be a part of a viral trend, then so be it. That itself is an honour in itself. So, thank you all!

Do you wanna know something funny?

So, I decided to DM one of these brands telling them that I was the ‘real Binod’, and it would be great if they could give me a freebie. They didn’t believe me! I couldn’t stop laughing. 

You have a YouTube account. Why don’t you start uploading videos now that you’re famous?

It’s too much of an effort! If I were to put in the effort to make YouTube videos, I wouldn’t have gone and commented my name in the first place. I am a lazy champ that way! All I wish to do is watch YouTube videos online, and comment Binod if I like the video. It’s my way of saying that the content creators have done a great job. 

What are your plans now?

I know I will be famous for a while now so I’ll just bask under the pleasure of watching my name everywhere till it dies off like any other meme. Basically, I am going to enjoy it while it lasts. But, I can sure as hell say that I feel super amazing to be in the spotlight with, more or less, no effort. I shall be forever grateful for that.

Unfortunately, this is all we could get from Binod. Hope you guys had fun reading our exclusive interview with Binod as much as we did writing it.

This is a humour, fictional piece, made with the love we all have for Binod. In a world where social media has taken over our lives, let people like Binod be an eye-opener of its potential to break the internet. 

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